Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Enjoy Being a Girl...

In the light of certain "monthly" events it can be hard to appreciate the fact that you are a woman.  But I was thinking today how great it is to be a girl.  One of the things I loved about my childhood was that I think my mom really loved having daughters to share the fun of being a girl with.  Make-up, clothes, romantic movies, jewelry...all the things that make us...us.  I absolutely LOVE being a girl! I love that I get to spend time looking pretty...wearing dresses...that my husband brings me flowers...I love it!

Sometimes I wonder what God really thinks about women, I mean I go through the Bible and compared to stories about Men, Women are really out numbered.  But then when I stop and think about how the world wasn't complete until a woman arrived it gives me peace with the fact that God probably very much enjoys my presence too! He likes that I enjoy wearing dresses and watching butterflies...and I'm willing to bet that He loves the little things that make you...you too!

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  1. I LOVE being a girl too!! Thanks for sharing this. :)