Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Husband...

As I'm sitting behind my husband (who is on the couch watching the Super Bowl) I am reminded of the little things I love about him. I love that he keeps looking back at me starting interesting conversations but then in one beat turns his head to comment about the game.  Asking "the air" questions like "why isn't so and so in?" Right now he's literally sitting sideways to engage me and the game. 

I was thinking about him this morning while I was putting on my make-up before church.  I was thinking about how he is not "the type" I thought I'd marry.  When you're younger you think that certain things are important and then you date those guys and time after time they disappoint you.  I always thought I'd marry the "class-clown" guy and I'd totally be depressed if I married some one who didn't make me laugh all day.  But Chris doesn't make me laugh all day, he makes me crack up once in a while but not all day.  But I love that he's smart, we have the craziest deep conversations.  He knows and loves God, and he takes good care of me.  In some ways he's not at all what I expected but God knew what I needed. 

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  1. I second hubby isn't what I had planned for either. He's much more. It just goes to show we have no idea what we want or what is best for us. Only GOD knows that :0) Great post!